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Jul 18, 2022

2004 Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon

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O2 Sensors

NTK was the oem supplier
WTJF: The Official Jeep Wrangler TJ Oxygen (O2) Sensor Thread

2004​ 6 cyl

O2 Sensor Socket Amazon
O2 sensor wiring extensions amazon


o2 locations
Bank 1 sensor 1 =Red
Bank 1 Sensor 2 =Blue
Bank 2 Sensor 1 =Yellow
Bank 2 Sensor 2 =Green
o2 locations

axle ujoints

spicer 5-760x
Article: Axle U-Joints & unit bearings
WTJF: Jeep Wrangler TJ U-Joint Replacement
WTJF: Replacing U-Joints: Do You Prefer a Hammer or a Press?
Jeep Wrangler TJ Front Axle U-Joint Replacement Youtube
5-760x pair Amazon
Amazon: spicer 5-760x

How To Remove The Front Axle and Change The U joint On YJ/TJ/XJ Jeep Wrangler - YouTube
WTJF: How to Install a Jeep Wrangler Front Axle U-Joint and Hub
WTJF: ElectricWizards 2000 TJ Sport Build
mr blaine: Axle u joint replacement | WTJF

Mr Blaine:


steering stop adjustment

4x4xplor steering stop

locker switches wiring

WTJF: Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon Factory Locker Bypass
wandering trail: locker defeat
rubicon locker bypass
Upgrading Rubicon axles: is this a crazy thought? | Page 2 | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
ElectricWizards 2000 TJ Sport Build | Page 12 | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

The idea is to insert a relay to interrupt the momentary ground that the pcm needs to enable both the lockers and the dash light circuits. If you wanted to enable lockers on all tcase positions, you have to do the wandering trail mod on top of this.
locker wiring
locker connetor
locker toggle
led relay control

Tailgate Dome Light Activation Switch

Tailgate Dome Light Activation Switch

ac defeat

JF: For the A/C Guys
WTFJ: jjvw post

winch stuff

Roundforge: Warn M8000 buyers guide
TRE Winch Rope
Winch Master Disconnect | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
WTJF: Warn Midframe Winch Resource Thread

Wizard Recovery Gear!

Wizard Recovery Gear - ST FAIRLEAD
Thimble and rope coming soon

Which winch? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

warn m8000

warn m8000 | summit warn m8000-s | summit

WTFJ m8000 recondition tips

winch plate

Winch with stock bumper? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
WARN 37170 Winch Mounting Plate for 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ & Unlimited | Quadratec
Warn 37170 winch plate | summit
LoD Offroad JWP9654 Bolt-On Winch Plate for TJ | Quadratec
LoD Offroad | TJ Bolt-on Winch Plate
Smittybilt 2802 SMI Raised Winch Plate for 87-06 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ & Unlimited | Quadratec
Fishbone Offroad FB21052 Winch Plate TJ with Fishbone Offroad Piranha Front Bumper | Quadratec

front bumpers

WARN 87700 Rock Crawler Stubby Front Bumper for 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ & Unlimited | Quadratec UCF aluminum bumper with fairlead UCF steel bumper with fairlead SAV-TJF - Savvy Off Road Front Bumper TJ/LJ 1997-2006 - Savvy Off Road

XD9000i rebuild info

Warn XD9000i for repair | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

Warn XD9000i | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Montanajacks had all the parts I needed in stock.Warn winches – Montana Jacks Outpost

spooling line

Do a locked Brummel eye about 14" in from the end of the line and leave the tail out after a very short bury. Make the eye large enough for the end terminal (thimble or hook) to fit through. Eye goes over the top of the drum, around the backside, out forward under the drum. Other end goes through the eye, snugs up tight against current anchor side, tail lays across drum and gets taped down and cut to length drum width. As soon as you tension it, it will snug up tight but no matter what, you can’t pull the line loose from the winch if you screw up.
How to Re-tie a Locking Brummel Loop at the end of your winch-line WITHOUT unspooling your winch!! - YouTube

WTJF: winch line to drum attachment WRG
Brummel lock-splice with one side fixed - YouTube

in cab winch controllers

What winch panel switch are people using? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

Control box relocation

Relocating winch control box | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
MountaineerTom’s 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited | Page 6 | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

new soft top

Sierra Offroad 2003-2006 TJ Wrangler Soft Top with Tinted Windows, Black Trilogy Acoustic Vinyl

radio amp

Crutchfield: Soundstream Picasso Nano PN5
Amazon: Soundstream picasso nano
WTJF: SSTJ build notes

wiring examples

mount examples

WTJF: How to install a subwoofer amp under steering column
WTFJ sourbluff mount
WTJF Nashville install

subwoofer wiring examples

Goldwood GW-S650/4 6-1/2" Poly Cone Woofer 4 Ohm

Kicker 48CWRT674 CompRT shallow-mount 6-3/4" subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils | Crutchfield

The Soundstream’s sub channel is rated at 350 watts at 2 ohms (or 200 watts at 4 ohms), so the Kicker subwoofer I would recommend is a 1 ohm or 4 ohm version, but not the 2 ohm version. The 1 ohm can be wired in series which will draw 2 ohms/350 watts, or the 4 ohm can be wired in parallel and draw the same 2 ohms/350 watts.

sub wiring


HF: Three Jaw Bearing Puller
Amazon: E12 socket
Amazon: Luk clutch kit
Amazon: Omix-Ada Clutch Fork
Timken 614093 Clutch Release Bearing
National 614093 Clutch Release Bearing Assembly
HF 450 lb. Low Lift Transmission Jack

WTJF: NV3550 throwout bearing and clutch replacement advice
WTJF: Clutch recommendations and tips?

This is a bolt-in job, there’s not much to it. Just know that there’s usually no reason to have to replace the flywheel unless it is physically damaged. Also, don’t have the surface of the flywheel resurfaced or refinished. The TJ’s flywheel has a domed surface that would be removed if it was resurfaced. At the most, if it has any glazing on its surface, just remove it with a mild grade of sandpaper or emery cloth.

About the only thing not included in that kit that I’d recommend would be a different throwout bearing than what is included.

Transmission impossible (2002 Jeep wrangler TJ) - YouTube
Removing pilot bearing TJ Jeep Wrangler - YouTube
TJ jeep shifter disassembly - YouTube
Jeep TJ wrangler Clutch install debriefing - YouTube
NV3550 shifter overhaul Jeep TJ wrangler 5 speed - YouTube
TJ Jeep trans mount overhaul - YouTube
Flywheel 2.0 and Clutch (jeep wrangler TJ 4.0L) - YouTube
Jeep Transmission install - YouTube
Jeep Clutch Repair on a 2000 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 / Transfer Case Removal Walk Though - YouTube 4x4xplor 1997 Jeep TJ Clutch Replacement

NV3550 throwout bearing and clutch replacement advice
For the pilot bearing, use bread. I’ve used this trick three times now on different engines, works every time: pack the hole full of bread, take a 3/8 extension or a punch, wrap electrical tape around it until it’s the same diameter as the hole, to act as a “seal”. Keep hammering the extension into the hole. Stop and repack with bread as it gets compressed. Eventually, it’ll pop right out. Ive heard of people doing the same thing with grease, but bread is a lot easier to clean up than grease once the bearing pops out.

rain cover

Rain Gear Trail Cover

rebuild front driveshaft

5-793x - shaft to pinion yoke ujoint
5-1330x - cv ujoints (2)
Denny’s driveshaft rebuild kit

Replacing Front Driveshaft Double Cardan U-Joints on Jeep Wrangler TJ Dana 30 - YouTube

03-06 TJ Rubicon factory DS

Front Drive Shaft (stock)

04 Rubicon front driveshaft u-joint issue. What am I missing here? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum:
TJ Rubicon front driveshafts use a nylon injection to hold the axle end yoke u-joint in place. There are no snap rings or c-clips. You heat up the yoke and the nylon literally shoots out the injection hole. Once removed, clear the channel where the nylon was and use inner c-clips with the replacement u-joint.

Correct front drive shaft u-joint? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
rubi ds nylon

flip door handles

WTJF: How to Reverse TJ Door Handles

repair mf switch fog lights

WTJF: How to repair multifunction switch for fog lights (fog lights that won’t turn off)

h4 headlight conversion

WTJF: Cheap Toyota H4 Conversion Kit

ball joints

youtube: inner axle seals
WTJF: Wrangler TJ Ball Joint Replacement
youtube: jeep ball joint replacement
WTJF: Ball Joint Tool Kit
Amazon: spicer 706944X ball joint kit
How to Replace Ball Joints in a Jeep Wrangler - YouTube


people really like the OTC kits, but they are pricey
DHA Ball joint press kit
OTC 7249 ball joint press
Amazon OTC Ball Joint kit
HF: Ball Joint Service Kit
orion press kit

Adapter kit: The trick for the ball joints is the 7894 adapter kit (amazon)
OTC 7894 ball joint adapter kit
Amazon OTC Jeep/Dodge Joint service adapter
amazon Sunluway adapter kit

upper ball joint tool lower ball joint tool


How to align your Jeep Wrangler TJ

set your toe-in so the fronts of the tires are 1/16" to 1/8" closer together in front than in the rear
Re-centering the steering wheel is required whenever the toe-in is adjusted or when the suspension height changes. That is easily done by rotating the short adjustment link on the drag link after loosening its two clamps.

241 rear seal fix

TSB # 21-003-04: Leaking NV241 transfer case on TJ Rubicon models

Retainer, t/case rear (includes rear output shaft seal) 05093606AA (1)
Washer, t/case rear output shaft sealing 04210973 (1)
Seal, vehicle speed sensor 05093612AA (1)
Nut, t/case rear flange 04167924 (1)
Sleeve, rear flange wear (seal slinger) 05093605AA (1)
RTV, Engine Sealant 04883971 (1)
Fluid, transmission/transfer case (ATF+4) 05013457AA (3)


WTJF: Rock Sliders / Rocker Guards Guide

raise gas skid

WTJF: What is involved in lifting the gas tank one inch?
WTJF: JMT build thread gts clearance mod

gts mod 01
gts mod 02

front brakes

front left brake shield
front right brake shield
BMB: TJ Brakes
BMB: Front pads and rotors
BMB: Front calipers
BMB: VANCO 15" Big Brake Kit with Unit Bearings

unit bearings/hubs

Article: Axle U-Joints & unit bearings
Amazon: Timken bearing hub
Wrangler TJ wheel hub / bearing assembly replacement
WTJF: How to Install a Jeep Wrangler Front Axle U-Joint and Hub
WTJF: ElectricWizards 2000 TJ Sport Build
stuck Unit Bearing - TJ Generation
WTJF: Can’t remove front axle, any tips?

hub/bearing assembly bolts torqued to 75ft/lbs
Amazon: Timken HA597449
front axle nut - 36mm torqued to 175 ft/lbs Amazon: dorman 05101 kit

how to guides and info

Wrangler TJ wheel hub / bearing assembly replacement


stuck Unit Bearing - TJ Generation
WTJF: Can’t remove front axle, any tips?

stuck hub:

Stu: unstick that unit bearing
stuck unit bearing

subwoofer unit

Amazon: JBL BassPro Nano 6" Powered Subwoofer
Amazon Sound Ordnance B-8PTD 8" Powered Subwoofer
WTJF: SSTJ build notes
JF Archive: easy console sub

oil pan and gasket

Oil pan removal jeep TJ wrangler - YouTube
Jeep 4.0L Oil pan strap refurb (hard to find part) - YouTube
Oil pan reinstalled Jeep TJ 4.0 - YouTube

aim headlights

Daniel Stern aim headlights
WTJF: How to aim and align your headlights

How to aim and align your headlights | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Screwing the bottom screw clockwise will move the beam toward the passenger side.
Screwing the top screw clockwise will move the beam up.

flush brake fluid

WTJF: School me on flushing brake fluid
WTJF: Questions about flushing brake fluid
WTJF: Brake Fluid Change
WTJF: Blaine - Doing a brake job? MUST READ!
How to bleed your brakes

Two quarts of DOT 3/4 is what you need. Start by using a turkey baster to suck the old dirty fluid out of the brake reservoir.

On a system that’s never been bled before you may find yourself running 64oz+ through it to get clean fluid. You can do this initial bleed to get clean fluid one person, once it’s clean you’re going to need a second person to help. If you don’t, air can get past the bleeder threads. Don’t let the MC run dry.

Don’t store open brake fluid, once you open a container it needs to be used.

If you need more than 5-7 bleeds per corner, stop and find the problem because flushing more fluid down the drain isn’t going to fix the problem.

Open screw, pedal to the floor hard and fast, close screw, let pedal up, repeat.

timing chain

WTJF: Do I need a new timing chain?
WTJF: How to replace the timing chain on a Wrangler TJ 4.0
Cloyes Kit Summit

Chain MOPAR 53020444
Crank Sprocket MOPAR 53020443
Cam Sproket MOPAR 53010557AA

cooling system

Drilling a hole into the thermostat’s flange like shown below and positioning the hole at the top when installing it will help get rid of the trapped air more quickly. Some thermostats come with a vent hole already, just make sure to position it at the top when installing it.

WTJF: drill hole in thermo

irun thermo bransford thermo

Fan Clutch Removal

US Motor Works 22160 fan clutch

constant tension clamps
coolant system fill kit

full parts list

2000-2006 (4.0 liter 6 cylinder)


AGM battery

WTJF: AGM Advantages

WTJF: Odyssey Northstar or Diehard

$240 Napa Legend AGM $220 Oreilly SuperStart platinum AGM group 34

duralast platinum agm Auto zone
diehard platinum agm
$350 x2 power

“Calcium” AGM like the offerings from NAPA, O’Reillys, Duracell, etc., - good batteries at a more reasonable price point and suitable for most jeepers looking to upgrade from a flooded lead acid battery who either can’t afford the price point of a Northstar or don’t need the features of a pure lead AGM battery. I will probably buy one of these as my next battery

East Penn vs northstar
differences between “thick plate calcium AGM batteries” such as the offerings by East Penn, and “thin plate pure lead AGM’s” which include Northstar, Odyssey and Optima. The article concludes:

“Both the calcium AGM and the pure lead AGM crank longer and are more tolerant of deep cycle drains than OE maintenance-free batteries. That said, there is a performance difference among these two types of AGM battery. Since the thinner plates in the pure lead AGM have more surface area contact than the thicker plates in the calcium AGM, they are more efficient during both discharging and recharging. The calcium AGM is ‘better’ while the pure lead AGM is ‘best.’”


It appears from the article that in the hierarchy of AGM’s the Napa Legend is better than a flooded lead acid battery but not in the same category as a pure lead AGM battery such as Northstar, Odyssey and Optima. It also explains the substantial price difference between the East Penn offerings and those of the other AGM manufacturers.

Be sure to get a Group 24 instead of a group 34 for the extra capacity.(?)

34 is original
24 is taller, more capacity but lower amps

East Penn or Deka dealer near you and get an Intimidator 9A78DT. Should be able to find them in the $250 range.

center axle under jeep

WTJF: center axle with adjustable track bar

set bump stops

WTFJ: bump walk through with pics
WTFJ: How to set your bumpstops


WTFJ: Irun post

This is very, very true! Anyone installing a RMS should make sure to use the supplied plastic tab, to ensure the top seal doesn’t get knicked. I’ve learned this one the hard way and had to make a trip to the part store for a second seal kit. Also, care has to be taken to ensure both the upper and lower halves are installed correctly, with the small lip facing forward.

Getting the pan off, with the front Dana 30 or 44 in place, requires unbolting the shocks, dropping the rear as far as it will go, and loosening the exhaust bolts, so the pan will clear.

WTJF: rms replacement
rear main seal 2002 TJ Jeep Wrangler 4.0L - YouTube

Tools and Parts Needed

myjeeprocks: rms

Torque specs bearing race 80 ft/lbs starter motor 33 ft/lbs girdle 35 ft/lbs oil pan bolts

valve cover gasket

WTJF: changing valve cover gasket
WTJF: valve cover gasket replacement
WTJF: 2000 valve cover gasket
WTJF: rtv example
I just used RTV on the corners.

The FSM for my 05 stated 10 Newton meters.

wiring bridge WTJF: how to remove plastic wiring bridge

Page 1019 INSTALLATION The cylinder head cover is isolated from the cylinder head via grommets and a reusable molded rubber gasket. The grommet and limiter are retained in the cylinder head cover.

  1. If a replacement cover is installed, transfer the CCV valve grommet and oil filler cap from the original cover to the replacement cover.
  2. Install cylinder head cover and gasket (Fig. 14). Tighten the mounting bolts to 10 N·m (85 in. lbs.) torque.
  3. Reinstall the plastic wiring loom trough at the rear of cylinder head cover.
  4. Reconnect the left hand side of the wiring harness loom to all components.
  5. Connect the CCV hoses.
  6. Install control cables and bracket on intake manifold and tighten bolts to 8.7 N·m (77 in lbs.) torque.
  7. Connect control cables to throttle body linkage.
  8. Snap control cables into cylinder head cover clip.
  9. Connect negative cable to battery.

fix blend door

WTFJ: blend door

grease front end

There are seven total zerks. 2 upper ball joints, the track bar frame end, and 4 in the steering ends.
TJ Grease & Lube Fittings - TJ Generation

grease zerks

Grease recommendation | WTJF
Lucas Red’n tacky
Lucas Oil 3 oz. Red N Tacky (3-Pack) 10318 | Home Depot
Lucas Oil 14 oz. Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease 10005 | Home Depot

service johnny joints

I have 16 johnny joints.
9 2.5" - 8 on the 4 lower cas, 1 on the frame end of the front track bar
7 2" - 6 on the 4 upper cas, 1 on the diff end of the front track bar


moly grease for RCVs? - johnny joints
Red Line Synthetic Grease 80402
Red Line Synthetic Oil. CV-2 Grease CE-9013G - Johnny Joint® Grease

tools are $200+, two sizes needed for the uppers and lowers.
budget option is all thread rod and sockets

Johnny Joint Maintenance | Page 4 | WTJF
@rasband: All thread (or a long bolt), a cup that the housing can rest against, and a socket that is big enough to go around the bolt hole and rest on the washer on the snap ring side.

mr blaine: Johnny Joint Maintenance | WTJF
Two things are key. First, the socket you use to push in the washer to take the load off the snap ring needs to be larger than the hole in the washer by enough not to tilt into the hole. It also needs to be smaller than the amount of room that it takes to pop the snap ring out of the groove. You can grind a flat on one side to give the snap ring eyes room to pop out.

The second thing is when you using all thread to squeeze the washer, the opposite side needs to be on the body, not the other washer. Otherwise, you can move the wrong washer or really have to squeeze the races towards each other in hopes that the one under the snap ring moves. React against the body opposite the snap ring and it all works much better.

rasband | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum:
JJ balls have a small line around the collar of one of the two sides. This signifies the side that should be facing the snap ring. This is to note the side that’s marginally longer to account for the snap ring added on that side. It’s slight, but measurable at 1/16” on a 2.5” JJ.

Sharp washer edge goes away from the rubber bushing
same with the snap ring, sharp side faces out


CE-9110T - 2 1/2” Johnny Joint® Assembly/Disassembly Tool
CE-9112T - 2” Johnny Joint® Assembly/Disassembly Tool

CE-9110T - 2 ½” Johnny Joint® Assembly/Disassembly Tool | eBay
CE-9112T - 2” Johnny Joint® Assembly/Disassembly Tool | eBay

jj tool usage


check for drilled balls when disassembled. if balls are drilled, it can accept grease from drilled bolts.
greaseable bolts for johnny joints
CE-91107 - 9/16" Greaseable Bolts for Currie Johnny Joint - Savvy Off Road
rock jock Greasable Bolts

how to guides

How-To Rebuild a Johnny Joint - YouTube How To Rebuild Johnny Joint, With or Without the Expensive Rebuild Tool! - YouTube Rebuilt | Currie Johnny Joint - YouTube
How to Rejuvenate a Worn Out Johnny Joint | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

track bar grease fittings are 1/4-28 threaded
Precision 1/4-28 Inch flush Grease Zerk 621 | O’Reilly
1/4-28 Flush Straight Grease Zerk Fitting 5 Pcs
Metal Grease Fitting Plugs | Huyett

front component speakers

KICKER | KS Series 5.25" Components KSS504 or KSS50
Kicker 47KSS504 KS Series 5-1/4" component speaker Crutchfield
Upgrading the sound system on your Jeep Wrangler TJ | Page 46 | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

stereo head unit

Clarion M508 Marine | Crutchfield
Kenwood Excelon KMM-X704 | Crutchfield
Kenwood Excelon KMM-X705 | Crutchfield


Grimm Jeeper Gear Ratio Calculator
thinking 4.88s for my nv3550 and 33s
this is what i had in my ‘01 with 35s and it was fine.

how to

Regearing from 4.88 to Revolution Gear’s new 5.38… sweet! | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

Tools needed

The only specialized tools required include a press for the new bearings, bearing puller, dial indicator for the backlash setting, a ½” torque wrench, and an inch-lbs. beam-style ¼” torque wrench for setting the pinion bearing preload.

Rubicon info blerbs

“Thick” gear sets are what you need for your Rubicon lockers and X2 on the recommendation for Revolution Gear & Axle’s gears. For 35’s X2 for 5.38 if you’re running the automatic, definitely.
revolution 4.88 gears from allens offroad
Note the ‘Thick’ ring gear designation on the label. That means they fit and work with the Rubicon lockers made to work with higher (lower number) ratios. A conventional non-thick 5.38 ring gear will not work with the TJ Rubicon lockers.

rubicon info threads

Gearing down stock Rubicon carriers | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Gearing recommendation for 2003 Rubicon with manual transmission and 35" tires? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Thick Cut Gears vs. Thin Cut Gears (and Axle Carrier Breaks Explained) | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

Ring and Pinion Break in Procedure

When installing a new ring and pinion it is recommended to properly break in the new components. The proper break in procedure will extend the life of the components and help with the prevention of premature failure usually caused by extreme heat.
Although your new ring and pinion is “Lapped” from the factory for smooth quiet operation, they will still need to be broken in once they have been installed. A new ring and pinion will initially run hotter when new and can cause extensive damage if the temperature exceeds ideal operating conditions for an extended period of time. The suggested break in procedure is as follows:

Follow the factory service manual for recommended differential service intervals unless the vehicle is used in extreme conditions on a regular basis, you will want to service the differential more often.
(Recommended gear oil is an 85-140W, Non-Synthetic, GL5 grade or Higher, Name Brand Oil. Please note extreme weather conditions may require alternative weight oil so be sure to consult a local mechanic or lube technician for recommendations)


Motive Gears
Motive Gear Jeep TJ Rubicon, 4.88 | Morris 4x4
Motive Gear Jeep Rubicon 4.88 Gears MGK-116 | extreme terrain
Motive Gear Rubicon 4.88 | Quadratec

Revolution gears - Rev-TJ-Rub-488
Jeep TJ Rubicon Gears Revolution Gear & Axle
Koyo Rev-TJ-Rub-488-K | eBay
Timken Rev-TJ-Rub-488 | eBay
Revolution Gear & Axle TJ Rubicon | POLY PERFORMANCE
Jeep TJ Rubicon 4.88 Timken | rwkhaus
Jeep TJ Rubicon 4.88 ratio Koyo | King Off Road Parts
Jeep TJ Rubicon 4.88 Timken Rev-TJ-Rub-488 | vividracing

Yukon gears
Yukon Gear Jeep TJ Rubicon, 4.88 ratio | ecgs

Nitro Gears
Nitro Gear set

rear axle seals

Leaky rear axle seal, what’d I mess up? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Edit: the one on the right is SKF 18731
SKF 18731 Grease Seals

Timken 9912S or Dana 35239. The Dana would have been factory, the Timken is a different design with an expanding skirt that tightens up into the tube bore when you crank Down the retainer plate nuts. Helps prevent leaks. Many fans of the true 9912s here. Just don’t order the 9912S from Amazon because you’ll get fake crap. Order from rockauto. BTW, to find axle seals on rockauto, you need to go to “brake and wheel hub” and then to the “wheel seal” section. they

Rear Dana 44 axle seal | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
X2, you need to remove the existing bearing and bearing retainer to place the seal. You want a SET10 bearing set, the Timken 9912S from rockauto, not amazon is the right choice for the seal.

The old bearings are removed by drilling a big hole in the bearing retainer, stopping the drill bit before it reaches the axle shaft. A cold chisel across the hole will break it so it can be removed.
Then you’ll need a press to install the new SET10 bearings, seal, and bearing retainer. It should look like this once they’re pressed into place. This shows the disk brake type of axle retainer bracket, the one for drum brakes is flat without the flange.

fuse and relay

Fuse box diagram Jeep Wrangler TJ and relay with assignment and location

zj tie rod/steering
Did MOOG screw up? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

tie rod only

(1) ES3096L End
(1) ES2079S Sleeve
(1) DS1312 Tie Rod

Torque Specs

Drag Link to Pitman Arm Nut - 81 Nm / 60 ft.lbs.
Drag Link to Knuckle Nut - 47 Nm / 35 ft.lbs.
Drag Link Clamp Bolts - 49 Nm / 36 ft.lbs.
Tie Rod Clamp Bolts - 49 Nm / 35 ft.lbs
Tie Rod Knuckle - 47 Nm / 35 ft.lbs
Tie Rod to Drag Link - 75 Nm / 55 ft.lbs.

service front diff

75w-140 gl-5
1.89 L (4.0 pts.)

Diff cover bolts: 30 ft.lbs
Diff fill plug: 25 ft.lbs.

frame drain holes

5/16 or 3/8. I drilled 1-1/2 inches away from each control arm mount.
5/8 in the usual positions, after drilling a pilot hole I used a step drill.
it’s either 1/2” or 5/8” for it to drain. if the hole isn’t big enough then the surface tension of the water will prevent it from running out
Drill 5/8” drain holes about 3-4” behind the front control arms brackets. Absolutely!
1/2” is good. Some go to 3/4”. Anything in there is fine. 15mm hole centered 117mm behind the front control arm mounts

looking like 5/8 is the right size

rear crossmember drain

rear crossmember

frame clean out

I sit a fan type water sprinkler that goes back and forth under the jeep in various places for 15-20 minutes at a time for a total of a couple hours once I get back. Then I use this with my pressure washer. Under carriage clearer

Last, I use my water hose and shoot water into the frame at every hole I can find from front to back and at different angle to flush anything out.

Clog Hog® Sewer Jetter Drain Cleaner — See It in Action - YouTube

engine oil

5w30 STP conv high mileage $27
napa high milage conventional

engine oil filter filter

mopar m0-090 $10
Factory WIX 51085
Larger CJ size 51515 taller, holds more oil

electrical cables

Jeep Cables TJ Big 7 Complete Kit (Wrangler 97-06)
Custom BAttery Cables Zen 1 ga Cable Set - Big-3 Kit for Jeep TJ 1997-2006 4.0L I-6 (6 Cyl) #13027

steering skid

SAV-TJSS - Steering Box Protection - Savvy Aluminum TJ/LJ 97-06 - Savvy Off Road
Savvy steering box skid | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

aftermarket sway bar

REAL WORLD COMPARISON: OEM Anti-Sway Bar w/ Disconnects vs. Antirock Off-Road Sway Bar vs. SwayLOC Dual Rate Anti Swaybar System | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Looking for thoughts and opinions on the Antirock | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
How does a Currie Antirock sway bar improve off road performance? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum


Jeep TJ Sway Bar SwayLOC For 97-06 Wrangler TJ OffRoadOnly - OffRoadOnly
Off Road Only SwayLOC for Jeep TJ | POLY PERFORMANCE
Off Road Only SL-TJLV Dual Rate Manual Operated SwayLOC Swaybar for 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ & Unlimited with 0-8" Lift | Quadratec

setting arm angle

Do I need to pull my Antirock arm higher? | Page 2 | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

dead pedal

redrock dead pedaal | ExtremeTerrain

adjustable control arms

uppers 7/16" 60 ft/lbs
lowers 9/16" 90 ft/lbs

seat bushings

Seat Bushings | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Seat Bushing Repair Jeep Wrangler TJ LJ Front Seats - YouTube

Hillman from lowes
Nylon spacers:

T40 torx
small pipe cutter?
craftsman tiny ratchet set super glue gel
needle nose pliers

bushing A

bushing B

bushing C

bushing D

bushing E

defrost only fix

Air won’t come out of vents? Read this! | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
How to fix heat / AC / air not blowing through center vents | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Only blows out the defrost | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Defroster control not working | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
HVAC air only blowing through defrost vents | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum


replace factory diff side air fitting

How To Replace Rubicon Axle Air Fitting | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
factory diff air fitting

diy quick discos

DIY Quick Disconnect Pins (bolted) | Jeep Enthusiast Forums

clean IAC

Basically start the engine then spray throttle body cleaner into the throttle body at idle rpms. The IAC will only draw the cleaner in through itself when the engine is at idle. The cleaner will flood the IAC so the engine will die. That’s ok, just restart the engine. Plus the extra time the cleaner sits inside the IAC after the engine dies and before you restart it helps it work.

No guarantees of course but thoroughly cleaning the IAC usually fixes this kind of problem. My goal is to get 1/3 of the can of TB cleaner through the IAC.

How to clean your IAC (Idle Air Controller) valve | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

actually removing the IAC to clean it is seldom required. When cleaned as suggested above, the IAC usually pulls in enough cleaner through itself to restore it back to good operating condition.

diagnose hard start

fuel pump | Delphi FG1353 | Diagnosing Hard Start Issue | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum


Difficulty starting | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

new starter

new starter installed2022-09-17 @ 136,130mi
reman unit from oreilly’s on 407

chromoly axle shafts

Jeep TJ / LJ / YJ / XJ Axle Kits | Carbon Off Road 4340 Chromoly Jeep Axle Kits

Rear Locker Discussion | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Jerry Bransford: good quality 4340 30 spline shaft like from Revolution Gear or Superior Axle


30 spline inner/27 spline outer
Chromoly Shafts - Front - Dana 44
Motive Gear Ten Factory Shaft Kit Summit


30 spline 4140
Motive Gear Ten Factory Shafts Summit

arb air lockers

ARB Lockers in TJ Rubicon | Pirate 4x4

RD116 or RD117?
To install an ARB for TJ Rubicons ‘03-‘06 WITH the thick gear set, you need an RD117 front & rear.
More specifically, you need an ARB with differential case # 013005 and flange cap assembly # 027305. That means that if you want to upgrade your rear to a 35 spline dana 44, then you need to find the ARB with this case and flange cap assembly (all other internal parts are the same). NOTE: on ARB’s product guide it will say “Dana 44, 35 Spline, 3.73 & DN” for the ARB you need with the thick gear set. It doesn’t say anything about Rubicon’s, other than “call ARB” (which I found on another product sheet BTW). However, this is the correct locker even though it states “3.73 & down”, because of the thick ring gear, and if you have a Rubicon, then you know that your gears are 4:10 & up.

To upgrade to a 33 spline D44 for the rear, you will need to contact ARB to have them assemble the correct one for you, since it’s not a production locker they list as of yet. You still need the case & flange cap assembly as stated above.

So here’s what the part numbers break down to for TJ Rubicon’s with the Dana 44 thick gear set:

Now, if you re-gear AND do an ARB at the same time, you can just get the normal 44 ring & pinion and normal ARB as listed on their product guide. However, I re-geared to 4:88 with the stock lockers, so I had to re-gear with the thick ring gear….which is how I ran into all this when I later installed the ARBs with the thick ring gear I already had in there.

If you are ditching your air locker and regearing at the same time just skip getting thick gears. Get the gears you want in a normal set and the appropriate locker for the 3.73 and up range.

jjvw: ARB Thick Cut Gears vs. Thin Cut
Fear not! Those of us with Rubicons can change the carrier and still use thick cut gears if we want to.
ARB RD116 uses standard cut for 3.92+ gears
ARB RD117 uses thick cut for 3.92+ gears

Part #DifferentialRatioSpline Count
ARB-RD100D30 Front3.73 & Up27
ARB-RD101D30 Front3.54 & Down27
ARB-RD117D44 TJ Rubicon Front3.73 & Down30
ARB-RD103D35 Rear2.73 - 3.3127
ARB-RD102D35 Rear3.54 & Up27
ARB-RD93Chrysler 8.25" RearAll29
ARB-RD116D44 Rear3.92 & Up30
ARB-RD117D44 TJ Rubicon Rear3.73 & Down30


ARB RD117 Air Locker Locking Differential for 69-06 Jeep Vehicles with 30 Spline Rear Dana 44 with 3.73 and Numerically Lower Gear Ratio | Quadratec ARB Lockers for Jeep TJ/YJ/XJ/ZJ | POLY PERFORMANCE

rubicon factory lockers

factory rear cutaway


Measuring for shock length and bumpstop length | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
0. Measure the distance between shock mounts at ride height.

  1. put your frame on jack stands
  2. Remove wheels/tires
  3. remove shocks and disconnect sway bar
  4. let the axle droop all the way out and measure the distance between your shock mounts. You’ll use this later to see how much shock extension you can use.
  5. remove springs - if they won’t come out, remove the axle end track bar bolt to let the axle droop farther. Remove the rubber jounce bumpers from the bump stop cups.
  6. use a floor jack to cycle the axle all the way to full compression on each side and in the middle (to get both sides bumped at the same time. You’re looking for any mechanical contact, such as a track bar hitting a diff cover, steering hitting anything, etc. For the tie rods you’ll want to turn the wheel all the way in each direction. Measure how far your bump stops are from each other at the points where things touch that you don’t want to touch, and measure the distance between your shock mounts at the same point.
  7. Repeat number 6 with the tire on the side you are stuffing. Technically you can do it at the same time as #6, I just find things easier to see without a tire in the way so I separate them. Just see where the tire hits, again turning the wheel to both extremes. Note your bump stop and shock mount measurement, if it’s greater than the one from step 6.
  8. Go shopping for shocks. Find one that best uses your available travel as measured in steps 0, 4, 6, and 7, but puts your ride height roughly in the middle of the total travel. If the shock length you pick is longer than what you measured, you’l need to add bump stop to take up the difference, and that will cost you uptravel. If you can’t get exactly in the middle, that’s ok, just don’t farther than you have to on one side or the other. I know 2.5" of downtravel isn’t enough. Stock had 4" of uptravel so I want to have at least that.

Shock Comparison: Rancho RS5000X vs Skyjacker Black Max vs KYB Monotube | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
STICKY - TJ Shock & Spring Specification Resource Thread | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
I don’t like my Rancho RS5000X shocks | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

SkyJacker Black Max B8528 for the rear

shock torque specs

upper nut: 17 ft.lbs lower: 250 in.lbs | 21 ft.lbs

upper bolts: 23 ft.lbs
lower bolt: 74 ft.lbs

Rear Currie/Rock jock extensions:
3/8 small bolt: 35 ft.lbs
factory bolt through spacer: 85 ft.lbs
shock bolt: 85 ft.lbs

fox shocks


air filter

AC delco A1548C gold
Wix 46081
Mopar 4797777

add a trunk install

Factory rear trunk | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

I used four M6 nutserts and four M6x20mm (maybe 15mm?) flanged bolts with a 1.00 pitch. The instatrunk originally came with thumb screws instead of bolts, but mine didn’t have any with it and ACE did not have any in that size. I used the flanged bolts to eliminate the need for washers.
The nutserts go into the hexagon holes behind the carpet on each side. There should be grommets there. Remove them and push the nutserts in their place. It’s a tight squeeze so you’ll have to use a little force. I think I used a rubber mallet.
The nutserts are designed to expand on the inside and crimp against the sheet metal and the outer nutsert flange. You’ll need to make a “tool” to set it. I would get an M6x30mm bolt and a couple of nuts in at least grade 8 to set the nutserts. If use use a cheap grade bolt, you’ll most likely snap it with the force it’s receiving.
I used a socket on the bolt instead of a second wrench. This allows you to put equal force on the bolt and keep the nutsert straight in the hole. If the nutsert tilts to one side, it won’t set properly. You don’t have to go crazy with them though. You’re not holding on a skid plate or rocker guards.
Once your nutserts are set, you need to cut open a space for the bolts to pass through the carpet and into the nutserts. I believe the factory just cut little slits in the carpet. In hindsight I probably should have done this, but instead I used a soldering iron to “melt” through the carpet and seal the edges of the hole to prevent fraying.
Before the iron was hot, I felt around until I found the nutsert under the carpet, and poked tiny holes for reference.
Once my holes were poked, I heated up the iron and burned my bigger holes in. This melted the edge of the holes together to prevent potential fraying.
Once I had my holes burned in, I lined up the trunk and installed my flanged M6x20mm (maybe 15mm?) bolts.

on board air

How-To: Simple Onboard Air for your TJ (Viair 400H) | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

mounting plate

Viair 400h/400p
Viair 88p

existing compressor

existing compressor is a superflow or masterflow mv-50 and has a Nitto 10mm type q connector
How-To: Simple Onboard Air for your TJ (Viair 400H) | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
masterflow 25’ air hose
superflow Parts

speedo correction

mr blaine on install
I drill a hole in the firewall right in front of the fuse block behind the dash. Run the wires inside and then I have industrial Velcro I use to stick them right to the metal frame on the bottom of the passenger air bag. Zip it off and adjust it, put it back and it is as protected as it needs to be.

mr blaine on install I highly prefer putting the correction device that can be dialed in by spinning a small screwdriver, stored behind the glove box with the total length of wire running from the PCM connectors to right behind the glove box. Clean, efficient, simple. Run a fuse tap from the instrument cluster fuse, ground in the same area. Total power and ground wires are about 18" long.
Yep, we drill a small hole in the firewall in front of the glove box, run a pair of wires from the correction device out through that, pick up the wires in the harness to the speedo at the PCM plugs, cut and splice and done.

more mr blaine install Since the elegant part seems to be underappreciated, here is what it looks like when done the way we do it. At the firewall, small braided loom is the tap into the PCM harness. The folded back loom is the connector for the old hood light.

accuspeed install 01 accuspeed install 03 accuspeed install 04

rear bumper with hitch receiver

UCF aluminum hybrid rear bumper
TJ LJ YJ Low Profile Rear Bumper With 2" Receiver – Barnes 4WD
Wrangler and CJ Rear Bumper | Dirtworx

seat heaters

Dorman 628-040
(2 Seat Heaters) Dorman 628-040 Universal Seat Heater Element - Free Shipping | eBay

How-to install other heated seats | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
How to install Dorman heated seats | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

pinion angle

How much angle is too much angle for the rear driveshaft? | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum


05 Flame Red TJ Build | Page 271 | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

fix exhaust

exhaust contacts passenger uca frame mount. the hanger attached to the trans mount needs to be shortened. B & B Muffler Lewisville

MountaineerTom: exhaust hanger mod with UCF extra clearance skid
Farmergreg: exhaust hanger mod with UCF skid

new exhaust


flat tow


For my LJ, I went with a Blue Ox, but a simple Reese tow bar will work too.

I also bought a Blue Ox Patriot 3 brake system. To keep my Jeep battery charged while flat towing, I installed a Hopkins Brake Buddy battery tender. To use my Jeeps turn signals and brake lights, a Roadmaster 6 to 7 pin flex coil, and a Hopkins wiring harness.

base plate

Roadmaster RM-521424-4 currie tow bar mounts CE-9033TJ

tow bar

Roadmaster Falcon 2 RM-520 Blue Ox Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain, Non-Binding Tow Bar RM-522 Adapter for Jeep D-Ring Bumper Mounts to Roadmaster Motor Home Mount Tow Bars RM-035

braking ready brake road master even brake demco stay-n-play duo Invisi-Brake from Roadmaster Brake Buddy Brake Buddy Classic

safety chains

Roadmaster - RM-643

wiring/lights Hopkins Endurance Flex-Coil Trailer Connector Adapter HM47053 Roadmaster Brake-Lite Relay Kit for Towed Vehicles RM- 88400

steering wheel

Jeep TJ Steering Wheel Upgrade - Project TJ - Ep. 28 - YouTube Craft Customs: Steering Wheel Restoration and Customization

5 tire rotation

5 tire rotation

fuel injectors

Precision Injectors
rockauto heat sheild

fuel pump

Bosch 69316 The Bosch 69316 comes with nothing else but the fuel pump module itself, it does not include the FPR.

rockauto DELPHI FG1221 complete pump assebly

WTJF: pump ring installation