Jun 9, 2022


June 9, 2022

Over the last month or so, I’ve listened through the entire 72 episode backlog (at the time of writing) of the SelfHosted Show and its loaded with great ideas and conversation about deploying self hosted solutions both locally and in the cloud.

There’s lots on my list to learn and implement, and lots of engaged users. One in particular, theOrangeOne, has been mentioned and featured a few times. Clicking through his site, I have been inspired to get back to writing about the stuff I’m doing. I recently rebuilt and migrated my dad’s website and took daily notes on what I did and any challenges/solutions I came across. This simple task of keeping record of what I had done proved to be valuable during the month of off and on development. Versions of this kind of content will be dressed up and published here. Eventually, some of this content might get republished to my personal site/blog too.

I’m going to stay with a statically generated site and stick with ssg for now. My main personal site is built with Jekyll, and I like it fine. As I add functionality, I might look at other static site solutions to meet those needs.

I’m looking forward to creating content and logging my projects again. I have a list a mile long.