Dads Site Conversion | part 6

Jun 6, 2022

to finish the migration, i started by pointing the store subdomain of the production domain at the new store. it worked no problem. this means i have:

next, the wp admin settings, address url and site address url were updated to match the new subdomain url. again this worked.

the saved mysql url update queries were modified with the new domain and executed no problem. I did this by opening a port for mysql connections in the docker container, connecting it to an adminer instance to execute the queries, then closing the port. I have no need for external access to the database. after queries, products have correct urls, but images do not load due to the tim thumb site restriction.

a quick update to timthumb.php and images load correctly:
line 215: $this->myHost = preg_replace('/^www\./i', '', 'store.{domain}.com');

the store.{domain}.com url is fully functional at the new wordpress store.


I then turned my attention to backups. I created a bucket on backblaze, and used restic.

restic -r b2:e-store-server:linode --verbose backup ~/docker

this was so easy. there were some permission issues with some of the database data. sudo can correct this, but i need to find a solution that doesnt require sudo.


reconfigure paypal settings and run live test transactions.