068 | driveshaft squeak

Jul 17, 2023

WTJF link

A chirp/squeak has developed somewhere in the drivetrain over the last couple of weeks. It was something tied to wheel speed, not engine/transmission. I assumed the front driveshaft even though it has recently been rebuilt.

Over the weekend, I dropped the skid to flip the passenger UCA bolt that was rubbing the muffler and pulled the front DS. A quick test drive confirmed the driveshaft was the source of the offending sound. The CV joints seemed smooth and fine, but the axle end was very tight/difficult to move. There’s a good chance I screwed up the install somehow. I’ve ordered a new 5-793x to swap in to see if that helps. Its cheap and easy and the DS is already out.

That’s hopefully two squeaks eliminated in a single pass.