065 | clean your battery terminals

Jun 10, 2023

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PS hose is still dry calling that one good for now.

The rear passenger speaker wires had come loose at the amp. It wasn’t clipping, it was popping when it would get signal. All tightened up.

Had a weird electrical issue yesterday. It wouldn’t crank in the garage, appeared as if the battery was dead. I assumed I had left something on after messing with the speakers. A quick jump with my Noco and I was off and running. Came back later that night and same thing. Started running through the usual tests with a multi-meter on the battery:

OFF: 12.45v Engine off, key in the ON/RUN position: 9.15v Engine running: 13.75v

Electrical gremlins… I hate this stuff. Voltage drop just turning the key to ON even with the radio/amp and blower motor off. I assumed I had something wired up to switched ignition power causing the issue. Looks like its not the alternator or the battery though. Even with the engine running, it didn’t sound right. It was idling low, ~520rpm, and surging periodically. Lucky for me, before diving into any of the wiring itself, I attempted the simplest solution first, cleaning the battery terminals.

Fixed everything. No voltage drop in the ON position, starts normally/easily and idles at the usual ~650rpm. Thanks to Mr. Bransford for consistently recommending starting with the battery terminals when dealing with electrical stuffs.