Jun 7, 2023

WTJF link

Looks like my PS leak was a loose hose clamp off the reservoir. Tightened it last week and its been dry since.

The passenger rear speaker has started clipping, no other speakers having issues. Speaker is in good shape, fade/balance is not out of whack. i’ll have to take a look at the amp side connections. Always something.

I’ve also made progress on the winch. The drum is painted and its been reassembled with fresh grease. I ordered the Smittybilt raised winch plate as well. Only remaining pieces are all the things from WRG: ST fairlead, Safety Thimble, license plate mount and winch rope. Not in a hurry, I’ll wait until I can order them all at once with a set of the new green color soft shackles

Since I flipped the passenger rear upper control arm frame side bolt, I’m hearing an odd rubbing sound occasionally. I know that bolt has found the muffler. What I haven’t found is the time or the energy to drop the skid and flip it back.