063 | shock, sway links, rear UCAs

May 1, 2023

WTJF link

Lots of progress over the last week.

I made my own quick disconnect pins last year to use with the Zone Offroad sway extension links. The pins worked great, but because the links did not have a joint, getting them off the pins to disconnect was a massive pain. In my last trip out to Bridgeport, I lost a bushing sleeve for one of the links while disconnected. Instead of replacing the sleeve, I replaced the entire disconnect system with the complete kit from Zone. These links have a joint on the bar end to allow them to pivot making it easier to remove. I removed the DIY pins in favor of the set in the kit.

sway link

The leaky shock has been replaced. Summit made getting a replacement really easy. Warranty claim submitted on Friday and the new shock was at my door the next day. It helps that there’s a local Summit hub.

new shock

Finally got around to greasing the JJs on the rear upper CAs. This has to be the worst set to work on. The passenger side bolt is blocked by the muffler. I had to drop the skid/transmission for it to clear. I reassembled with the nut side inboard and the bolt cleared the muffler by about a quarter inch. The drivers side was less frustrating, but I did have to fight a bolt vs a spring on the axle end. Before the next round of greasing, I will be buying the 2" JJ tool from Rock Jock. I have the 2.5" size and its just so much quicker to have the jig perfectly set up.

At this point, I’ve greased all 8 control arms. Next will be the track bars… and then we start on the arms again.