056 | kicker front speakers

Feb 13, 2023

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I previously installed Polk DB522 front speakers with 5.25" adapters and a cheap new sub. The sub has been great, but the polk’s really didn’t make much difference compared to the factory speakers probably because my knees were the primary beneficiaries. I’m still running the not-great single din head unit installed by the PO. I asked around on the WTJF sound system thread and the resident audio expert provided a few recommendations:

I chose the Kickers for convenience and because the pods are smaller profile - though I am not doubting the BLAMs are better.

The installation was unexciting. I drilled 1/2" holes in the plastic A-pillar covers for the tweeter pods. Mounted the crossover controllers with dual-lock behind the dash. The woofers replaced the polks and the wiring was zipped out of sight. The little pods look great.

tweeter pod
tweeter pod

I moved the Polk’s to the soundbar and used the factory grille covers which required just a bit of clearance-ing. Nothing really to see there. Not sure these are an actual improvement over the factory speakers to my ears. They have a higher sensitivity and sound louder I guess, but not exactly better. It took a bit to balance them with the new components up front.

The kickers have a three way switch to set the gain to the tweeters: +0db, +4.5db and +9db. I’ll play with these settings a bit over the coming weeks with different top/door combinations. I put the crossovers in a place that can be easily reached to adjust them if needed.

After a few trips around town with the top and doors off, I am very impressed. I can hear the audio at lower volumes - its a miracle! Very happy with them, though now I’m taking another look at amps and head units. It looks like the beloved Picasso Nano has been discontinued?