054 | service johnny joints

Oct 9, 2022

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Johnny Joints have been creaky for about a month. I did not grease them when they were new and they have been installed for about 10 months and 2,500 miles. I bought the Rock Jock 2.5" tool (CE-9110T), a tub of Red Line CV-2 and the recommended Knipex snap ring pliers (for the 2.5" joint).

The process was much more straight forward than I anticipated. I think I had it built up in my head to be more than it was. I did not remove the joints from the arms or loosen the lock nuts. The first arm took a bit longer to get the process down and set opposing height to be even with the tool in the vise. Three stacked rolls of duct tape was just about perfect.

The joints were not in great shape. I couldn’t move some of the joint balls by hand - even with a bolt as leverage through the joint. All eight joint internals and races looked fine, just dirty. The grease content was not consisten from joint to joint. My driver rear LCA had almost no grease in either end wheras the passenger side actually seemed fine. None of the balls were drilled/slotted which I believe means I cannot use the optional greasable bolts. The JJ tool made it very easy. I expected to fight the snap rings more than I did, I assume the correct pliers made the difference here as well. All 8 joints probably took me around 3 hours including removal/reinstall time.

dirty joint
jj tool
dirty ball

Reinstalled and torqued to 90ft.lbs. No creaking now. I swear it rides better on the road now too. I still need to service the UCAs, but I might go the DIY route on the tool now that I know what is involved first hand.