051 | rear axle clearances

Sep 26, 2022

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I’ve spent far more time with the front end than the rear at this point. The rear axle has been very slightly off center since I installed the lift but hasn’t given me any issues so I ignored it. I have noticed recently that giving it power while making a turn, the back end feels loose or at the very least just not planted like it should. I decided to tear into it to see what i could see. It appears that in my negligence, things have been self-clearancing.

I think I may have found where that squeak was coming from…

Trackbar is also making contact with the exhaust at full droop. I still have not corrected/lowered the exhaust hanger at the transmission mount after the tuck. This would probably allow the trackbar to clear, but might lower the exhaust into contact with the shock. tb exhaust

The shocks have a few new dents. driver side was hitting the (top to bottom) spring, spring perch and brake line(?). The spring just needed to be rotated away from the shock body and the perch was easily trimmed, but the brake line? Thats a new one. driver shock

Passenger side shock still contacts the perch in two places at full droop. passenger shock 1
passenger shock 2