049 | hub assemblies

Sep 5, 2022

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As part of the axle u-joint project, I replaced the hub assemblies with Timken HA597449. I took the advice of a forum member to order new spicer hub bolts as well. I also replaced the brake dust shields and used new spindle nut kits.

Removing the caliper and rotor revealed the hub.
old hub

the brake shields were in bad shape. The passenger side more so than the driver.
brake shields 1
brake shields 2
brake shields side by side

I had soaked the hub bolts for a few days prior and they were removed with out much fuss. The knuckle was gross. Lots of built up gunk and some rust.
gross knuckle
inner knuckle

I cleaned them up with several different wire brushes and primed/painted the knuckles. They cleaned up ok, not the best job, but good enough. The knuckles themselves are fine, but you can see some areas where rust has pitted them. Eventually they will be replaced, maybe with a big brake kit? The brake pad races were the area that concerned me the most and even those looked fine.
cleaned knuckle
primed knuckle

Once painted, the reassembly, including the recently rebuilt shafts, was a breeze with the new hardware.

Nothing fell off during the test drive. The u-joint chirp was gone and there weren’t any new noises either. Mark another project off the list.