039 | shock math

Feb 24, 2022

WTJF link

Swapped the shocks. More shock math. All of this is theoretical until I cycle, set bumps. In other words, largely meaningless.

Rancho RS55239 (Front)​14.43​23.84​9.41​5.25​4.16​56/44​
Rancho RS55241 (Rear) Pre-Tuck​13.69​21.69​8.00​5.75​2.25​72/28​
Rancho RS55241 (Rear) Post-Tuck​13.69​21.69​8.00​6.15​1.85​77/23​
Rancho RS55256 (Rear)​15.06​24.68​9.62​4.75​4.87​49/51​

‘Up’ is the exposed shock shaft length at ride height. This is the potential up travel and may be limited by other factors, tire clearance, etc. I doubt i get the 4.75 up with other clearance issues. I’m going to hang on to the 241s for now.