029 | shock math

Dec 31, 2021

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Shock math:

​ShockCompressed​Extended​Travel​Up (Potential)​Down​Bias (Up/Down)​
Rancho RS55239 (Front)​14.43​23.84​9.41​5.25​4.16​56/44​
Rancho RS55241 (Rear)​13.69​21.69​8​5.75​2.25​72/28​

‘Up’ is the exposed shock shaft length at ride height. This is the potential up travel and may be limited by fender clearance/bump stops. This was measured with half a tank of fuel, soft top, full doors and no passengers.

Fronts look fine, I don’t have a significant rake so I don’t plan to install leveling spacers. The rears might be on the short side we shall see.