027 | lifted

Dec 30, 2021

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Lots of updates over the past few weeks. Christmas brought GraBars and a Spiderweb shade and the time off from work let me tackle the lift. Pretty much nothing went smoothly between the rusted bolts and trips to the hardware store for sockets and drill bits. I even managed to smack myself in the face with a crowbar fighting with the front track bar. The toughest parts were getting the rear track bar back in and the seized tie rod.

Complete Savvy Control Arms
JKS 3" springs
Rancho 5000x 55239/55241
RockJock front track bar
BMB Johnny Joint Washers
OME Track Bar Bracket
New jounce cups
Zone sway extensions

Still to install:
New rear jounce bumpers
New front spring isolators
Rock Krawler bump extensions
JKS Angled track bar bracket

On order:
Tom Woods rear driveshaft

front end

rear stock
rear jks

front stock
front jks