008 | thermocure

Oct 19, 2021

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I’m a believer in Thermocure.

coolant progression

Left to right in the order of application:

I didn’t get pictures but the view into the radiator was a gross brown before the Thermocure and after it was back to looking like metal and much more “normal”. I highly recommend.

After, this is what it looks like under the cap: under cap

Admittedly, not perfect, but you can see the fins and its not brown/orange.

I flushed the original and ran each of these for a week consecutively.

Prestone Flush: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B99U088/?tag=wranglerorg-20
Thermocure: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R74I5UY/?tag=wranglerorg-20

I only drained the block on the last round to get as much out as possible. Filled the block with distilled water through the upper heater hose on the thermostat housing before filling the radiator with Zerex G05.

This thread has lots of good information all through it. I did not go through the trouble of draining the heater core or installing a tee fitting, but a lot of what I did was gleaned from there. After each flush, i did put a gallon of distilled water straight through the radiator.

An 8mm square head socket a couple of extensions and a breaker bar for the block drain plug are key. If you do drain the block, its best to either fill it like I did through the upper heater hose or to remove the temp sensor on the thermostat housing while filling the rad to allow air to escape. Amazon.com

The whole thing was fairly straight forward though.