Oct 19, 2021

WTJF link

Busy weekend:

I did a lot of research/shopping for tummy tuck skids. The Savvy 03-06 is on backorder, I’m not opposed to it at all since the forum highly recommends it. If I can’t source one, I’ll probably go with the UCF extra-clearance in aluminum. I dont need it to be flat and it will gain me quit a bit over the factory Rubicon skid.

Probably the worst thing I did all weekend was read @Chris’s build thread. I was all set on a 2.5" OME springs, a body lift and 33s. Now I’m looking at 3-4" SL, full set of arms and setting up for 35s down the road… Still not sure what I want to do here. This picture is just about where I want to be:

plugs and thermocure

I think at this time, he was on 4" springs and .5" BL and 285s… hmmm.