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Oct 4, 2021

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My wife and I brought home a 2004 Electric Lime Green Rubicon this week. This is my third Wrangler and second TJ.

04 rubi

The Jeep was up in Denison. I rented a uhaul trailer and pulled it home with the Expedition.

jeep trailer1
jeep trailer2

Quick backstory:
My first vehicle at 16 years old was a ‘92 YJ. 4 cyl, 5 speed, no lift and 31"s that rubbed everywhere. I was lucky to see 65 mph on the highway, downhill with a tailwind. My girlfriend LOVED it. Years later in college, I married her. The transmission didn’t last long and we traded it in.

92 yj

A few months after we married, she found a 2001 Sport in the high school parking lot. We brought it home and I got to work. Every bolt on choice the PO made was a mistake. I hate chrome. I hate tubes.

01 tj start

By the time I was “done”, I had swapped in ‘04 Rubi axles, Rokmen TT, sliders, bumpers, SYE/CV, winch, JKS control arms, Currie hd steering, 35s, etc, etc. It was perfect. Whelp, as fate would have it, we had a kid early. I tried to convince myself I could keep it and run an infant carrier in the back, but I never felt right about it. What I should have done was buy a cheap, old - but safe - sedan and kept the Jeep. What I did instead as 20-something kid was sell it. In hindsight, there were other options, but I did what I thought was best for my family at the time, and I can’t say I regret it. I do miss that Jeep terribly. Side note, its changed hands a few times over the years but I was able to track it down. Its in Tulsa now - V8 swap, atlas and has been stretched to an LJ.

01 tj end

So here we are with a stock Rubi in a wonderfully obnoxious color that I absolutely love. 133k on the clock, and many more to come.

Here are the things I know need to be fixed/addressed:

I’m going to start collecting parts for the forum sanctioned OME/Rancho 2.5" lift. I’m going with 285/75r16s on the factory Moabs. I’ll adjust accordingly with spacers and BL where needed to fit. The plan is to have everything fixed and maintenance performed over the winter and then assemble lift and tires next spring.

Here’s to my TJ sequel. Should be fun.

04 rubi2

jeep home1
jeep home1